Black and White or Color?

Always a favorite question. And Im sure that you shoot in RAW if you are looking at this. So you say"duh, either cause I got me a raw file". Ok cool. But here be the problem. You have a perfect color shot and it is amazing, but every time you look at it in black and white, it seems... muted. Shooting a B&W is different. TO make it a pop, open up the aperture to make it pop.

Pretty, but no pop to it.

So how do you make it hit? Easy , you jack up the saturation and you go a stop up. Give it a +1 or heck lets get crazy and go to +2. See the color saturation? Intense, not enhanced. That's what your camera can do on its own. I moved the light a little closer to add just a bit of a hot spot and opened up the aperture a bit. I got a great photo in color, but a banging photo ion B&W

SO, recap, shot in raw, bumped it up a bit in exposure, and got a great photo. No edits, except processing the raw.